Monday Musings

We enjoyed a busy day at the Pastoral Charge on the 17th of September.  We worshiped, as per usual, at the three churches.  The scripture passage was the story of how the Israelite people crossed the red sea and we pondered what “seas” we have in our lives that we have yet to cross.

We also looked at the nature of God – loving to one peoples and destroying another.   I see God as compassionate and loving and one who would weep at the loss of any of us – enemy or not.  This knowing can be difficult as we encounter enemies of the past and of today.  Where does forgiveness come into play?  How do we show our forgiveness in “God-like” ways?  Not so easy.  Perhaps that’s one of the seas we have yet to cross?  As people of God we can cross into forgiveness and love; we can do this together.  What do you think?

In the afternoon a few of us shared in a contemplative walk that focused on food

contemplative walk 17sept17


injustice in the world around us.  In a labyrinth style we created a path to walk where food items for the food bank had been placed.  We stopped at each item and prayed or thought on these things.

Following the walk we enjoyed a chicken “stone” soup and some artisan bread and homemade cookies.  We talked about how it felt to walk the path; we shared our insights.  The plan is to make this an annual event in the fall.

Thanks to all who participated.

Faith in Action this week:  What items will go on your shopping list to be shared with the local food bank?

contemplative walk 17sept17 2