Wednesday Hymns – June 10

I’m a wee bit winded today due to the very heavy air but still wanted to share with you. Even a hiccup in the middle.  Oh the joys of recording with limited equipment and the limits of my own voice.   


  • Wonderful words of life
  • Church in the wild wood
  • In the garden
  • Let the lower lights be burning

When the cat wants to play

I decided to record the hymns for our Wednesday Hymn Sing earlier today. What I hadn’t anticipated was the unknown response of one of our cats. I’m not sure which one it was, they’re identical, but she started to meow and then popped up on the bench and started to walk on the keyboard. I easily brushed her away and I don’t think I missed a beat. I believe now that she was chasing a fly. That is her new pass-time.

Why am I writing about this? Life is ever changing and often time challenging. Each time you think you have something figured out they (who-ever they are) change the rules. A cat involves herself without provocation. Our tele-seminar decides to freeze up during bible study. The weather acts like early April and not May.

Whatever is happening in our lives we stand tall and move forward. The movement might be a crawl but still, forward. Times like these call for calm action and sometimes for inaction. We can choose to say kind words to the lap-top that’s not working or a gentle touch towards a pet that is annoying. We can choose to get out of bed, thankful for another day. We can choose to be the very best the Divine has called us to be.

Notes sung off-key and technology blimps do not stop us. The virus does not stop us. We know that, “We are not alone. We live in God’s world.” From this knowledge we can remain strong, loving, and kind.

Blessings on your day.


Hymn Sing: Wednesday, May 6th, 2020