May 30th, 2021 Trinity Sunday

We gather to share some Sabbath time; time set apart.

I decided to sit out side today to record. The birds, a dog, and the wind blowing through the tent are part of the ambience. This is God’s wondrous world.

Thank you for spending some time with me today.




Good Friday

Luke 23: 44-49

Jesus dies.  His friends and family mourn.  We mourn. We remember.We sit in silence.

What are we mourning today?

Notice I didn’t say whom do we mourn but what.Perhaps this Holy-Weekend will once again have us missing family and friends.  We miss singing – “Were you there?” We miss the images of the cross and crown of thorns.

However, it is important that we DO take the time to sit with His death and the loss that was felt.  It is important that we take time to sit with our feelings of loss today.

If there ever was a day to truly feel the sorrow and sadness today would be that day.
Perhaps today is just another, normal day for you.  That’s OK too.

Day 1: What are we weeping over?

Day 2: What makes us angry?

Day 3: What are the injustices we notice in our lives?

Day 4: What are we preparing for?

Day 5:  What are we mourning?
May you find the blessings in this Holy Day.

Holy Week: Day 1

Today’s scripture: Luke 19: 41-44  Jesus weeps over Jerusalem

Question of the day:  What are you weeping over today?

Perhaps you can see what’s going on around you but you are unable to make things stop; unable to create positive change. 

Does this make you sad?  Do you weep at feeling inadequate in a situation like this?  

Remember, Jesus wept.  Jesus weeps with us.