The lonely mitten

Some days are like this. Not unlike the missing sock from the dryer, this poor mitten is searching for its mate.

As we close out the church year, living our ordinary lives, in extraordinary times, I wonder if we are able to embrace the missing pieces or times in our lives. The odd sock, single crust or bread, or running on fumes to get gas are all reminders that this is life. Imperfect, mismatched, and humbling.

What are the odd pieces of your life that you run from or hide? To what do you hold dear?

By the way, the other mitten isn’t lost. It’s not created. I’ll cast on today.

Embrace your day.

Pastor Barb


It’s time

Today’s the day we travel down the road to our new home and new ministry.

I’ve moved many, many times over the years but this one seems more troubling. Leaving our semi-homestead and friends has left me breathless.

I’m taking a few moments with coffee in hand to remember the many blessings: friends, music, critters, ministry, and the list goes on. God, through the people here have been good to Nick and I. We will not forget.

Here’s a glimpse of the living room

Of course some knitting and my comfy feet.

The sun is shining, the way is clear.

May God be with us until next time.

Monday as Sabbath

Some Mondays are like that – quiet, soothing, calming. During this time I find it more and more important to look to Sabbath as self-ministry, self-care.

Music plays a big role in how I walk through this time. Music that touches my soul like the Divine and Holy One touches the earth. – gently, lovingly.

Have a listen to a wonderful choir:

Holy, Holy

May your day, whether Sabbath or a day full of chores and to-do lists, be filled with the Holy that surrounds you.

Blessed to be a blessing,


And snow it goes…

Snow days can be isolating for some. Much of today I felt wrapped in a love undefinable. The smells from the kitchen reminded me of all that I have: food, shelter from the storm, power that keeps the stove running and warmth radiating throughout the house.

This house is a home. It is home. Home is where I find refuge, I’m nourished, and I’m cared for.

But, there is more. Here, in this place, tonight, I find the grace to be me. A person filled with God’s love ready to rest in the arms of the Holy for one more night. I know deep inside that joy does come with the dawn. Each new day brings its own blessings, lessons, and surprises.

And snow it goes…I’m feeling a little melancholy. Enjoy the song. Count your blessings.