Palm Sunday or is it Psalm Sunday?

Message given – live worship service

Live Worship 5April2020 DMS Pastoral Charge, from the Manse in Denbigh, ON

Hebrew Reading:  Psalm 23

Point form of the message shared today followed by my Mind Map:

  • Palm Sunday but no palms, no parade
  • No grand celebrations
  • No one singing or shouting Hosannas – no one saying “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord
  • Perhaps we are still shouting, “Hosanna”
    • Save me, save us during this time of sheltering at home

In times of fear or distress, in times of needing comfort and hope we often turn to the 23rd Psalm.

  • Beautiful imagery
    • Green pastures
    • Calm still waters
  • The protection of the rod and staff
  • We can picture the table – filled with blessings
  • We can picture the over-flowing cup

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me – surely, for sure, for certain – our hope is steadfast in this knowledge.

Dwelling in God’s house forever.

  • the promise that Jesus gives us – in my Father’s house there are many rooms
  • We dwell in God’s house
    • At home
    • In our communities
    • Eventually in our church buildings once again

Regardless of our levels of fear, concern, or even boredom we have faith in the Good Shepherd who cares for us – always and forever.

Be confident in your Hosannas!

  • Not only today, Palm Sunday but every day
  • God hears our cries, our prayers both, in dark times but also in our joys.

So yes, Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!


Worship: Sunday, March 29, 2020

What, When, Why – The destruction of the temple

Worship from the Manse

I’m sharing the short form of my message as well as my mind map I created as I built this message.

Gospel Lesson:  Mark 13: 1-8 The Destruction of the temple foretold

  • Disciples point out the large stones of the building
  • Jesus tells them that the temple will be destroyed
  • WHEN? In fact – the temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE

Perhaps Jesus was using the temple as a metaphor for himself?

  • 4 disciples questioned Jesus about when this will happen
    • Jesus tells them to beware – people who claim to be who they are not
    • Wars, rumours of wars
    • Earth quakes, famine

What about today? Birth pangs

  • Tear down to build up
  • Build up to create something new
  • Our bodies sometimes lay us low for a while.  We rest, we renew.  Then, we arise.  Refreshed and with new energy to face the dawn

What about us today?

  • We still ask why bad things happen to good people; why this virus, why now?
  • We ask when will it end?
  • We ask what is the reason, the purpose.

We may not know all the answers today.  Perhaps we’re not meant to fully understand.

However, look at what is accomplished, the new blessings we are seeing.

  • Found new ways to worship
  • Found new ways to reach out to people
  • The church, the people, have been mobilized in new and meaningful ways

There is hope!  This is what our faith brings for us. 

Will you find hope this week?  What are the blessings that you are seeing for the very first time?

How can you continue to grow and be the temple?


Below is the Mind Map I created in preparation.  I use this tool most weeks.

You mean I can’t go out?

No one likes to be told to stay home. Our lives in general are about being with others; sharing each others joys, sorrows, and so much more. So how do we manage?

In reality fresh air and sunshine is a good thing even when we are staying away from others.

What does life look like right now? The stores are restocking but many people are buying up more than they need. There’s whining about our favorite restaurants being shut down with pick up or delivery only. There’s moments when we decide to go out because we are tired of being stuck at home. Resist the urge to go shopping. Resist the urge to meet up with friends.

So what do we do? There is so much richness in our Sabbath time – our time apart. More time to write, to plan the summer garden, to tidy up the back of the cupboard, to read, to paint, to craft, and so much more. Of course most people’s ideas of a stay-cation are not about being home. What if we re-framed those thoughts?

What does staying home look like to you?

Today I am:

  1. knitting and spinning
  2. playing piano
  3. watching some classic movies
  4. spending time with Nick
  5. taking care of the bunnies
  6. household chores

But wait – this is a normal Tuesday for me.

What’s on your list today?

Stay safe and well dear friends of the earth. God bless.

Worship: Sunday, March 15th

Mark 12:30 Bible Verse Printables - Christian Preschool Printables

In an effort to reach the community during this time of uncertainty I recorded yesterday’s service held at St. Andrews in Matawatchan. This audio recording has not been edited. (I currently don’t have the technology to do so).

If you want to hear the message only you can go to time stamp 16:35

For those who attended in Schutt or Denbigh you will hear the message a little differently. As a few know, my sermons are not identical from church to church.

I’m also adding the service bulletin.

ST. ANDREW’S, ST. LUKE’S, EMMANUEL UNITED CHURCHES OF CANADA Email: Designated Lay Minister: Barbara Creelman Phone: 613-333-9894 March 15, 2020 LENT III

*Indicates an invitation to stand in body or spirit. Bold type indicates responses to be said or sung by all.

WE GATHER TO PRAISE GOD Musical Prelude We prepare our hearts for worship Welcome – Lighting of the Christ Candle Centering Prayer

Call to Worship: *Opening Hymn:

We share our blessings, celebrations, and community


Special Music

Gospel Lesson: Mark 12:1-9

We pray: May we hear the voice of the Spirit speaking to us through these words of Good News heard today. Amen.

Message: Righteous anger?

*Hymn: 378 Spirit of God descend upon my heart

WE RESPOND TO GOD’S WORD Community and world prayers, the Lord’s Prayer

We share our gifts and give thanks

*Offering Hymn: 543 We give thee but thine own What e’er the gift may be All that we have is thine alone, A trust, O God, from thee. Amen.

*Hymn: 343 I love to tell the story

WE GO FORTH TO LOVE AND TO SERVE *Benediction We sing: We are one as we walk this road together. We are one as we journey side by side. We are one, even though we may be different. We are one. We are one. (Sing twice) Barbara Creelman June 2015

To Ponder: When are you the angriest?

Next Week: LENT IV Mark 12:28-44

And snow it goes…

Snow days can be isolating for some. Much of today I felt wrapped in a love undefinable. The smells from the kitchen reminded me of all that I have: food, shelter from the storm, power that keeps the stove running and warmth radiating throughout the house.

This house is a home. It is home. Home is where I find refuge, I’m nourished, and I’m cared for.

But, there is more. Here, in this place, tonight, I find the grace to be me. A person filled with God’s love ready to rest in the arms of the Holy for one more night. I know deep inside that joy does come with the dawn. Each new day brings its own blessings, lessons, and surprises.

And snow it goes…I’m feeling a little melancholy. Enjoy the song. Count your blessings.

With a song in my heart

What a wonderful morning.  The sun shines brightly, the blue jays are active, and on the surface everything seems fine.  However, visual cues are not always a reflection of what’s in a heart.

A smile, a laugh or giggle may seem normal and positive but the under-current, what lies beneath can prove to be tumultuous.  The waves of emotion that come and go with grief, sorrow, and sadness can be set aside for short periods of time but without the healing the grieving brings that grief can surface unbidden.

I believe that Sabbath time can help each one of us to re-connect with the Holy and with our faith.  A few moments throughout the day focusing on gratitude, acknowledging the pain, then moving through that pain to a depth of faith that lifts us out of the valley.  Of course those times may be very short and few, far between but with each moment we can be brought closer to the Divine.

How do I live through these times?  With a song in my heart.  Sometimes a song of faith to lift me up or a sad song to help me feel the depth of despair.

Here’s one of my “go-to” songs:

What song is in your heart today?


Many blessings to you on this the day that has been given to us.