When life gives you lemons…

Exchange them for chocolate! Well, perhaps not. Maybe something more healthy? Although, lemonade sounds great to me too.

This week has had some ups and downs. Finding peace has been more difficult than what I’m used to. All the tools in my box seemed too heavy to lift and work with. Have you ever felt that way? Times when you know what you can do and what would be most beneficial seems to be out of reach. In my case it feels like my tools are still in boxes waiting to be unpacked.

Music was not helpful, writing wouldn’t come, fresh air was not happening (way too hot outside). However sitting in the hospital room with Nick I felt grateful that his bed was beside a window that faced a beautiful garden and city-scape. We enjoyed the view as we shared stories.

Gratitude flowed easily then. A change happened in attitude. A change happened in both our hearts.

This song came to my mind and is playing over and over in my heart.

**Nick will be in hospital for a few more days. There has been some progress towards healing. We are so thankful for your ongoing prayers and support.


Author: Barbara (Doll) Creelman

loving life; keeping it simple!

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