Good Friday

Luke 23: 44-49

Jesus dies.  His friends and family mourn.  We mourn. We remember.We sit in silence.

What are we mourning today?

Notice I didn’t say whom do we mourn but what.Perhaps this Holy-Weekend will once again have us missing family and friends.  We miss singing – “Were you there?” We miss the images of the cross and crown of thorns.

However, it is important that we DO take the time to sit with His death and the loss that was felt.  It is important that we take time to sit with our feelings of loss today.

If there ever was a day to truly feel the sorrow and sadness today would be that day.
Perhaps today is just another, normal day for you.  That’s OK too.

Day 1: What are we weeping over?

Day 2: What makes us angry?

Day 3: What are the injustices we notice in our lives?

Day 4: What are we preparing for?

Day 5:  What are we mourning?
May you find the blessings in this Holy Day.


Holy Week: Day 4

What are we preparing for?

Jesus sent the disciples to instruct the innkeeper to prepare space for Passover.
The passover meal was a time of remembrance of the time they hurried to leave Egypt and God’s providence at that time in their lives.

Maundy Thursday – Maundy from the Latin – to mandate.  Jesus mandated that each time they took the cup and broke the bread they were to remember him and the new covenant; new promise.

What are we preparing for today?

Life continues to change. The third wave of the virus is in full swing.  We’ve moved back into a lock-down.  Plans, once again, will change.  Have we planned for this?  Are we prepared?

May God bless those plans as we pivot and turn from what we thought to what is the reality.