A New Year – 2021

Here’s what next week looks like:

I was trying to get the picture without the personal but perhaps next week.

I’m pretty nerdy when it comes to my planning whether online or in my books. This is a glimpse for you.

Tasks are:

  1. Plan services to Lent
  2. Daily tasks that build to Sunday’s worship recording – completed on Friday
  3. Clean up office – organise books
  4. Write and send blog posts
  5. Plan and record hymn sing on Wednesday
  6. Create phone list for this week’s pastoral calls

Looks like a productive list, right?

That’s what I like about a new year, new month, new week – getting everything in order.

What do you like as we move into the newness of 2021? (other than the COVID thing)

God Bless,



Author: Barbara (Doll) Creelman

loving life; keeping it simple!

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