DMS Pastoral Charge Worship, January 25, 2020

Luke 5: 1-11

They were tired – but still cast their nets. Will we?

They were tired – but still listened to Jesus. Do we?

They were tired – but still followed him. Can we?

We are tired but can do more than imaginable. Love one another, give to one another, live for one another.

Many blessings,

Pastor Barbara


What’s needed

At the end of the week we’re usually planning weekend events. What’s needed today is prayer.

Normally Friday brings in date night. What’s needed this evening is prayer.

As we open our hearts and give thanks for our blessings we are instead, in a time of lament.

What’s needed is stability, justice, health, and a certainty of the love of the Divine.

Friends, I invite you, I call you, to prayer. Write it, share it, keep it close to your heart but no mistake what’s needed is prayer.

A New Year – 2021

Here’s what next week looks like:

I was trying to get the picture without the personal but perhaps next week.

I’m pretty nerdy when it comes to my planning whether online or in my books. This is a glimpse for you.

Tasks are:

  1. Plan services to Lent
  2. Daily tasks that build to Sunday’s worship recording – completed on Friday
  3. Clean up office – organise books
  4. Write and send blog posts
  5. Plan and record hymn sing on Wednesday
  6. Create phone list for this week’s pastoral calls

Looks like a productive list, right?

That’s what I like about a new year, new month, new week – getting everything in order.

What do you like as we move into the newness of 2021? (other than the COVID thing)

God Bless,