December 17, 2020 Advent

Hello fellow Advent travellers.

As we have been packing our plans, dreams, and ideas as we journey to the cradle, are you needing a second bag?

When I’m planning for something special I pack too much into the days ahead without regard for how much time a task will take or how much energy will be needed. 

*from Pintrest

Have you ever received something in the mail or from a store that has been vacuum sealed?  You open it and whoosh – it almost explodes.

Our days up to Christmas can feel like that.  Doing more than we can manage and not getting the rest and proper nutrition needed to sustain us could leave us feeling like life is out of control.

When life gets this way it’s time to stop.  Stop and pray, meditate, breathe.  I imagine that’s what Mary would have done.  Her song after hearing the message from the angel could be seen as a moment of thanksgiving and prayer.

Instead of packing everything for the journey into one bag, cramming it all in, perhaps a small carry-on for our prayers and quiet times would be helpful.

What will you put in our small bag for the journey today?


Author: Barbara (Doll) Creelman

loving life; keeping it simple!

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