When the well is dark

(I began writing this last Thursday evening but held off posting hoping that some of the feelings would change enough that I would feel like deleting it. I realise that there may be others who have similar feelings. May we find safe spaces to share as we lift up our prayers to the One who is always there.)

The darkness of these days washes over me like heavy ocean waves. Not the waves that invigorate or wake you up, but like bricks or heavy stones that can push one further and deeper than imaginings permit.

Death, anger, grief, disappointment, and anxiety are very strong emotions. Separation and loss are the walls, unfathomable that separate.

Lament is strong. I cry out in prayer, “why, oh why? It’s all too much.”

I wonder how long must the pain go on. When does night turn to day?

Am I alone in these feelings?

I wonder…


Author: Barbara (Doll) Creelman

loving life; keeping it simple!

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