Perhaps it’s time

Time for what? For me to share about finance. Stay with me and I’ll walk you through my thought process, sadness, and beyond.

I keep reading about the difficulty in congregations with regards to giving while we shelter in place. I hear of staff layoffs and the negatives and questioning what ifs. I find it difficult some days to not be drawn in to these conversations. Not that I would stick my head in the sand and ignore the situation but rather to guard my heart and mind against the bows and arrows that are flying around.

Here are my thoughts looking ahead:

1. Yes we’ll worship together again

2. Yes this time is difficult and stressful

3. Yes we may feel isolated, lonely, and fearful


We are told to “be not afraid”.

Easier said than done but possible.

Long term ideas include more:

Uploaded services for those at home.

More times of blessings and gratitude.

Special gift baskets for those who are lonely and suffering.

Let’s look beyond the immediate needs of the building. Those needs can and will be met. Let’s look to our local giving of food and support for those we share with at Christmas.

Perhaps we “Need a little Christmas” right now?!

In what ways can we envision this? (Without the snow)

Let’s turn our hearts to sharing our blessing today..


Author: Barbara (Doll) Creelman

loving life; keeping it simple!

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