Worship: Sunday, March 29, 2020

What, When, Why – The destruction of the temple

Worship from the Manse

I’m sharing the short form of my message as well as my mind map I created as I built this message.

Gospel Lesson:  Mark 13: 1-8 The Destruction of the temple foretold

  • Disciples point out the large stones of the building
  • Jesus tells them that the temple will be destroyed
  • WHEN? In fact – the temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE

Perhaps Jesus was using the temple as a metaphor for himself?

  • 4 disciples questioned Jesus about when this will happen
    • Jesus tells them to beware – people who claim to be who they are not
    • Wars, rumours of wars
    • Earth quakes, famine

What about today? Birth pangs

  • Tear down to build up
  • Build up to create something new
  • Our bodies sometimes lay us low for a while.  We rest, we renew.  Then, we arise.  Refreshed and with new energy to face the dawn

What about us today?

  • We still ask why bad things happen to good people; why this virus, why now?
  • We ask when will it end?
  • We ask what is the reason, the purpose.

We may not know all the answers today.  Perhaps we’re not meant to fully understand.

However, look at what is accomplished, the new blessings we are seeing.

  • Found new ways to worship
  • Found new ways to reach out to people
  • The church, the people, have been mobilized in new and meaningful ways

There is hope!  This is what our faith brings for us. 

Will you find hope this week?  What are the blessings that you are seeing for the very first time?

How can you continue to grow and be the temple?


Below is the Mind Map I created in preparation.  I use this tool most weeks.


Author: Barbara (Doll) Creelman

loving life; keeping it simple!

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